Learning Links for Astronomy

Basic Astronomy

Learn more about the Universe (How Far Away Is It – Science video books by David Butler)

Crash Course Astronomy – Bad Astronomer Phil Plait Series

Conversations in Science at Indiana University – Some interesting discussions

10 Minute Astronomy – Astronomer Blog

Meteorite Find and Falls in the United States Univ of Washington Earth and Planetary Sciences

Citizen Science Links

SCOPE – Stellar Classification Online Public Exploration

Zooniverse – People powered research projects

CosmoQuest – Mapping our solar system

Wikipedia links to Citizen Science Projects

SETI@Home – Search for Extraterrestrial Life

AAVSO – American Association of Variable Star Observers

Meteorite Learning and Discovery

What are Meteorites – General overview of Meteorites

Meteorite.org – lots of info and links

American Meteorite Society

ARES – NASA Meteorite Page

Meteoritical Society – Catalog of Meteorites

Meteorite Falls Worldwide – Data from Meteoritical Society

International Meteor Organization – Database, reporting, etc.

Meteorite Info and Testing

Stellar Evolution

Stellar Evolution – Swine Center for Astrophyics and Supercomputing

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram – Temperature and color of star reference

Pulsar Audio files – Listen to pulsars!

NASA Missions

New Horizons – Mission to Pluto and Keiper Belt Objects

Juno – Mission to Jupiter

Messenger – Mission to Mercury

Cassini – Mission to Saturn

Voyager – Mission to exit heliosphere

NASA Missions – Additional NASA missions – historical